The Slip Clutch

New magnetic slip clutch introduced as a safety feature for interactive pieces and Gearlab

Directions: Work in Progress

Directions. Life presents us with so many possibilities. Sometimes a small choice can alter the flow of all that follows. …


Locking Gear Boxes

For a simple venture into do it yourself kinetic art, Cogbots currently offers kits to create several style of locking …



Spring is a manual crank organic gear kinetic sculpture Spring can be either wall mounted or kept as a table …


morning smiles

It was an early morning session of reviewing emails, plans and commissions in the cogbots offices today- and then from …


Making tracks

Many times the kits and pieces we offer in the store are the result of things we need to invent …


GearLab 2.0

The original Gear Lab was a  2011 Kickstarter funded project that has  travelled the midwest for the last several years. …


Booth in a Box

Being on the road can be a challenge for a Kinetic Artist- all of those moving parts can take up …


Social Climber

Kinetic Sculpture that mixes the roots of wooden gear with a modern flair.